man cave wall art sticker

Known as a manspace or mantuary a man cave is usually a specialised male themed area of the home. Commonly a spare room, loft, attic, basement, shed or garage. Not actually a cave, this is a clever metaphor that describes the area in the home where a man can be a man without the unnecessary interference of the female kind!

It's common knowledge that the wife or lady of the home holds all the cards when it comes to the decoration and layout so therefore it makes perfect sense for the male to have his own personal space that he can decorate to his own taste and layout. The fixtures and fittings of the man cave are commonly large TV’s, a fridge for the all important beers, games consoles, weight benches, pool table, old comfy couch, the list is endless! Spending time in the man cave is usually a social affair where an average gentleman can invite his friends over, to enjoy the surrounding of a female free environment!

So what does this all have to do with My Wall Stickers? Today we've taken yet another leap into offering the very best in home vinyl wall transfers, we naturally want to be able to offer all the wall stickers you'll ever need so we've taken the liberty of adding our new 'Man Cave' wall sticker to the website today. We've designed this wall art using a caveman style font and we believe it looks quite cool.

We've also added the important tag-line to the decal “What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave”, we believe this to be very true! This wall graphic is a great play-on-words and can be adhered to the active cave in your home, or maybe even a friends home, enjoy.