hand made vinyl wall decals

As creative as our vinyl wall stickers are there's always room for one or two decals that can serve a slightly different purpose other than just decorating a wall. Like our 'shoes off please' design we've added a quirky little wall art decal to the collection today, our new 'wash your hands please' transfer.

We all know that children of all ages sometimes need a little encouragement to follow the rules of the home. Daily life can make it easy to ignore the house rules so we thought that by creating fun easy to read decals that not only look great but can help with the every day running of the home would great for every parent up and down the country.

Making sure that your children’s hands are clean are a must and this particular wall sticker enforces this with a smile. To create the design we've used a picture of a pair of soapy hands along with a smiley face. Complimented with a child like handwritten font the overall look of this quote sticker is friendly and would look great in any family bathroom

This graphic can be easily applied to walls that are painted or tiled, basically any smooth flat surface will accompany this transfer well. Available in small and large sizes all you have to do if find a location for application in your bathroom, ideally above or next to the sink would be great.