Wall stickers are more versatile than you may think. You can add colour and style to your home in a matter of minutes and the creative possibilities are literally endless thanks to the massive range of designs we have on offer in our ever growing on-line catalogue. Wall stickers are perfect for use in any room in your home and are fun for the whole family to get involved with young or old. Generally they can be fitted in minutes, will last for years and can be removed with ease at any time without leaving any mess or marks on your wall.

The trend for using colourful wall stickers to decorate your home with is in full swing and now is the time to maximise on the many wonderful designs that are on offer via our on-line store. Our wall stickers will not break your decorating budget as many of our designs are under £20.

How will you know if a particular wall sticker is right for your home? Will they look tacky you may ask? We'll try to make you realise in the paragraphs below that wall art stickers are the perfect way to make your home look modern and sophisticated.

Wall Stickers the Stylish way to Decorate

With so many designs on offer you'll be spoilt fo choice when surfing our site that's for sure. The colour range that we offer can work in harmony with your current home décor arrangement and can literally 'slot into' your home's colour and design scheme.

Wall stickers are perfect for the low-key decorator or the person who doesn't not have much time to spend but would like maximum impact. Here are some great designs to get the ball rolling if you're unsure as to what graphic to purchase for your wall.

  • 3 beautiful Poppies growing gracefully from behind a table or chair
  • A decorative wall quote for you to share with a loved one
  • A prancing Bengal Tiger to add a dramatic effect to a plain wall

The only real limit is your imagination!

Whether your style is modern, retro, abstract, decorative, colourful or anything else we're sure you'll be able to find a design within our ever-growing vast on-line catalogue.

Placing your wall stickers for maximum effect

The colour of your wall will determine the overall finished look for your wall art sticker. Light walls look best with a dark coloured design placed on them and darker walls are more suited to a lighter coloured design. You can achieve a subtle contrast on your wall if it's a light colour for example and you place a light or medium coloured wall sticker upon it. This allows for a modest look if your wall sticker colour is the same or similar to the wall that it is placed upon. This will make your wall sticker look like it is literally floating on your wall and can give a really nice effect that you will be sure to enjoy for many a year.

A simple or decorative flower wall sticker design can appear to be growing before your eyes if placed behind a piece of furniture, particularly a bedroom headboard or wardrobe. Branch designs can shoot out from wall corners, shelves and cabinets providing a look that cold not be created any other way than using wall stickers, again it's your imagination and creativity that comes into play when finding that ideal location for your wall sticker.

Applying your wall stickers

You'll be surprised how easy wall stickers to apply. Any size or shape can be incorporated into your home's layout quickly given the correct tools and know how that we provide with all of our wall stickers and decals. Every order we process is sold complete with a full set of easy to follow instructions and a vinyl applicator. Our instructions include step by step diagrams on how to install your sticker the correct way and without any stress! Fitting your new wall sticker really is as easy as peeling the backing and sticking to the desired wall. Just make sure the wall is clean and you've allocated some time to getting your sticker fitted correctly and you'll be enjoying your new design in minutes.

Safe for all walls

Thanks to the quality of our vinyl films this makes our stickers ideal for your any of your walls but it's always to test a small section of the wall in conjunction with the adhesive properties of the sticker to make sure that you'll get a good contact with the wall. If you've just painted the wall that you're going to put your new wall sticker on then it really is best of you can leave the paint to dry to a cured finish, two weeks is recommended for this process so be patient and wait!

The surfaces that you can stick your wall sticker to include painted walls, wallpaper (not textured), glass, mirrors, plaster, drywall, metal, tiles, plastic, basically any smooth and flat surface. Removal is simple and mess free simply follow the instructions supplied with your order.

Removal of wall sticker is just a case of gently heating the vinyl on the wall using a hair dryer or heat gun on a low setting and then peeling from the wall. Heating the vinyl will re-activate the adhesive molecules on the sticker making it tacky and allowing removal to be easy and straight forward, just peel off the wall. There may be traces of glue left behind but nothing else. Glue can be removed with a little gentle rubbing using a cloth and soapy water. After you've removed your wall sticker you'll never know it's been on your wall no matter how long it's been fixed. Once your wall sticker has been taken off the wall it won't be re-usable as the vinyl will be stretched and distorted during the removal process.