wall stickers for the kitchen

Wall stickers are not just for the decoration of bedrooms and hallways, you can also liven up other rooms in your home with self adhesive wall art, if there's a blank space on any wall it's simply means it's ready for one of our classic home wall stickers!

A popular place to decorate using wall stickers has become the kitchen and we've actually now managed to produce quite a few designs that will fit right at home in this area as believe it or not we all actually spend a lot of time in this room, cooking, washing up and of course eating so why not add some modern wall art into the mix? It could make doing the washing up and the daily chores seem a little brighter, especially on the eye!

A popular wall art sticker that we sell is the kitchen utensil design which is a perfect silhouette of the real thing! There's an egg slice, a whisk, tin opener, knives and more, you'd be mistaking them for the real utensils if you catch them in a certain light. This particular design is exclusive to our collection and you won't find it elsewhere, it's a modern take on art one could say but whatever way you look at it it's a classy sticker to have in any kitchen.

We designed this sticker by digitally tracing all of the parts of the design taken from a photograph and then combining the 7 separate utensils form one piece. The section of this design that really gives it a realistic finish is the bar going through the top of each utensil holding them all together. We actually measured a real set of kitchen utensils that we're on a staff members wall and then produces the sticker to match that size!

Another popular kitchen wall sticker that we've added to our collection recently is our Cutlery Set design. Put simply this is just a huge knife, fork and spoon but make it into a full size wall art sticker and you've got something just that little bit special. This design was first thought of at the end of last year when we were trying to come up with new ideas for the kitchen and dining room areas, we didn't know it would be as popular as it was and still has been.

To view our kitchen wall stickers click here, you'll be surprised at what we have to offer. Sometimes just a small design can work wonders on the look and feel of a room especially if you choose to have your wall sticker cut from a complementary colour to suit your current home decor. We can produce our wall stickers in up to 18 great colours and can send you a swatch in the post if you require to check that the colour is definitely what you need.