With spring poking it's head around the corner there's a good opportunity to change the look and feel of our home using our new and exciting wall stickers and wall decals. They say that every season should spark a change in your home so now is the time to get creative and give your home a different appearance with a little help from My Wall Stickers.

Since the launch of our new site at the beginning of this month we've added a whole bunch of fascinating wall stickers that will slot right into your current home's decor arrangement and look a real treat on your wall. We've added small and large designs so whatever you're looking for there's something for you in our on-line store.

Some new designs include:

Easter Island wall sticker

This design has been hand drawn and then professionally digitised on our computers to allow for a smooth and flowing wall sticker. This design has been filed under our fun wall stickers section and would look right at home on any wall it's placed upon. The two Easter Island statue figures are a really good representation of the real thing and you'll be totally blown-away by how cool the finished design will look on your wall. Why not choose to have this design cut from a contrasting colour on your wall? Ir perhaps even if you have a light coloured wall why not go for a light shade in our vinyl to give an effect that will make your design look like it's floating on your wall!

Eat Me!! wall sticker

You must remember the retro arcade game Pac-Man? Well now you can add a touch of nostalgia to your home using this fine wall art design thanks to a little hard work in our creative studio recently. This sticker is ideal for anybody no matter what age is has been listed in our fun wall stickers collection as it is sure to bring a smile to all who view it. Available to purchase in up to 18 of our vinyl colours you can either choose to install this sticker yourself or get friends and family to help you as believe it or not our stickers are fun to fit and you can get creative with them as the only limit to where they look best on your wall is down to your imagination!

Soak all your troubles away wall sticker

Bathroom's can be a more personalised space in your home when using our unique wall stickers. You'll notice the positive difference a wall decal can have as soon as it's applied to your wall becaue it's all about being different and making your house into a home with a custom wall sticker deocration that can be applied in minutes and enjoyed for years to come. Say no to plain and boring tiles or wallpaper as you make the space around you a slice of your own personality and thanks to the clever vinyl films that we use when we make your wall stickers they can easily removed at any time and you'll never know they were there!

Be sure to keep checking our website regulary as we've been steadily adding new and exciting designs to our on-line catalogue on a daily basis. We often ask ourselves when will we stop but the truth is, we can't! There's literally a huge range of designs that haven't made it to our on-line shop yet, these are the designs that we've cued up to eventually be listed on our site. Generally we add around 10 to 15 new designs to our store every week so keep an eye out on our ever increasing collection as you may find a design that you've been looking for for a long time!