Say goodbye to the paint brushes and invest in a low cost wall sticker for any wall in your home. Not only do our wall stickers look really cool and the fact that our designs are very exclusive, one of the best attributes of a wall sticker is the fact that they're really easy to apply in minutes and are completely mess free.

A few years back before wall stickers really hit the scene like they have done nowadays you'd have to literally paint the wall to get a similar effect and obviously this would be a time consuming, costly and messy affair. Also you'd have to get the design spot on first time using freehand drawing techniques or use a paint stencil.

Along came the wall sticker revolution....

Wall stickers are perfect for adding an individual artistic touch to your home as firstly they're cut via a computer aided processes. This means that any design can be 'plotted' onto the vinyl film with endless design capabilities. Beautiful designs such as flowers, quotes, animals, patterns and symmetrical designs can be created all from the click of a mouse.

As wall art stickers are a coloured film with a low tack adhesive backing the requirement for strong adhesives can be eliminated and obviously this means that no paint is required to create the art design on the wall. With this in mind it also makes the product removable unlike paint which is a great idea as you can simply peel the sticker away from the wall when you require.

Producing wall stickers from an adhesive backed sticky-back-plastic film is a lot easier to work with than a paint stencil for example. Whenever you use paint to decorate a room in any form it's always a messy process. No matter how careful you are in trying to keep the paint off the floor and the furniture not to mention yourself there's always a bit here and there that is evident after decorating takes place.

Traditionally adhering a wall art design in your home whether it be a wall mural or other decorative piece would be such a time consuming process. Some designs if created by novices would take days if not weeks to produce and would mostly look very amateurish once completed unless you've spent 3 years at art school! Again use wall stickers instead as they're precisely cut from a computer controlled blade so there's no imperfections merely a perfect design first time every time.

So if you're looking for that first piece of home wall art consider a wall sticker before anything else. Weird and wonderful designs can be chosen to suit your current home decor or just your individual personality. There's also many different designs to purchase your sticker in that can also be in theme with your home surroundings. Wall stickers can be fitted in minutes and last for many years so our best advise is to take a look around our website and pick out a design that you think will look the part in your home.