wall stickers for every room

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to transform the look of your home? A way that allows you to fully express your creative side and your passion for keeping up with the latest trends for home decoration? If you answered yes to the above two questions then our fabulous home wall stickers are just the solution you could be looking for.

We've found that wall stickers can add a focal point to any plain wall and really enhance the look of a room for all budgets. As most of our designs are under £20 you can express yourself in more ways than you may think. Gone are the old days where you have to spend a bunch of money on paint, accessories, stencils and wallpapers, the simple and most cost effective solution now to add a bit of modern chic to your home is to use wall stickers.

Wall stickers come in many different designs, colours and sizes. Whatever your taste you'll be sure to find something you like in our vast on-line store. We've many unique designs that are exclusive to us that you simply won't find elsewhere. There's flower wall stickers, childrens wall stickers, quote wall stickers and many more to name but a few.

Many of our customers combine 2 or 3 designs to make up a mural on their wall. You can get really creative and position your new wall art in different locations within your home for a dramatic effect. Adding wall stickers in kitchens, hallways, wall corners, above beds, next to windows are all some of the great places you can add our self adhesive wall art designs. The limit really is your imagination.

Our products can be fitted literally in minutes and are a fun and easy process to complete. Once applied to a wall the design will look like it's been expertly painted onto the wall and you'll be amazed at the final look and how it can change your home for the better!

Wall stickers are now such a trendy way to add style to your home. As mentioned our designs are actually created in-house by our skilled designers and we feel this is what sets My Wall Stickers aside from the many other outlets selling home wall art. We've taken designs from the best designers and had bespoke artwork created for us so you can benefit from having a unique wall sticker in your home.

So if you require a completely mess free, low cost way to decorate your home try one of our fabulous wall stickers. We've thousands of satisfied customers, just look at our testimonials yourself and see that many other people are now benefiting from adding stickers to their wall to express themselves.