vinyl wall artThe use of wall stickers art as a decoration medium has really taken hold of many home owners in recent months as quick and easy fix to change the look and feel of their abode. There's so many styles to choose from when considering bringing in a splash of colour into a living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen or bathroom for example.

Designs such as flower wall stickers are now proving to be a big hit with many, of all ages, young or old as our new unique high quality photo-realistic transfers look indistinguishable from the real thing once applied to your wall.

A new offering to our website today is our 'Lotus Lilies'. This is quite an exciting floral graphic as it's been created from a professional high resolution photograph of a pair of lilies.

We've painstakingly cropped out the background, increased the overall size of the image without loosing any quality and can now offer as a beautifully colourful long lasting realistic vinyl decal for your wall.

Using photographic imagery during the manufacture of our wall transfers is quite a contrast to our single colour designs. Instead of an silhouette style image being cut from a single coloured roll of vinyl film we actually print the design/pattern onto the vinyl using an array of colours and fades.

Once the desired image is printed onto the film it's then pulled back into the printer to be cut out. Our full colour wall decals don't have an unsightly background when they're created this way, making them an attractive looking product that can be used to bring colour and vibrancy to a plain wall. Any design is possible and we've quite an array of full colour transfers on offer via our on-line store that can satisfy many tastes.