For all those who enter your home why not let them feast their eyes upon a welcoming wall sticker on your wall. Our new Welcome – Guest to Friend design is ideal for placing in the foyer or hallway of your home for example or situated in such a position that it's clearly visible upon entry to your home.

It's based upon wall quote stickers designs that can be used to accompany other décor items in your home and can be chosen in any colour to suit your current home decoration layout. We've designed this quote wall sticker in such a s fashionable way, look at the swooping lines and flowing curves of the letters that really give a modern but traditional twist on the layout. As this sticker is made up of two or three lines of text, you could even cut out the individual words and place on the wall in a different format or layout than shown on the website.

Using wall quote stickers in your home is a great way to express your feelings and emotions as there's so many designs for you to choose from on our website that will suit all tastes and all ages. Some of our wall quotes are comical, emotional and even spiritual so there's never been a better way to demonstrate your mood by adding a quote wall sticker to your walls. The Welcome – Guest to Friend design is a sure fire way to put any guest at ease when they enter your home!