Were pleased to present our new Wall Quote Sticker designer to all those who require a bespoke wall art sticker on thier wall. We've been asked many times if such a feature was available so we thought we'd put together a section of the website where you can actually make your own wall quote sticker in your own time and then simply add it to your cart once you've finished designing.

Some of the features of our new wall quote sticker designer are editing in real-time. You can simply enter your desired text and change the font and size of the text to suit. There's 28 fonts available, 18 colours and a range of clip-art that you can add to your design to make your wall quote a little more interesting.

We feel the layout of the designer is quite easy to use. This was a must! We didn't want our customers to be unable to use the interface so we made it as user friendly as we could.

The maximum size of the wall sticker that you can create using the designer is 59cm tall by 130cm wide and we've included some of the most popular fonts in our arsenal and some of the best clip-arts too. Making your new wall quite sticker is simply a case of clicking on the 'add custom text' button and then tying in your chosen text. You can then drag the text to the size that you require it, change the colour and hey presto! Simply click on the add to cart button once done and your order will come straight thorough to us for processing.

Getting started using your Wall Quote Designer:

Step 1: Delete the demo text in the editor by firstly clicking on the text itself and then on the trash can icon. Doing this will remove any text and result in a blank canvas for you.

Step 2: Once all the demo text has been removed click on the Add Custom Text button, a little box will appear on-screen with some sample text in for your to change to your liking.

Step 3: Enter your desired text by selecting the demo text in the box and deleting.

Step 4: Change the size of the text by using the arrow buttons on the bottom right, one of the buttons makes the text larger and the other alters the layout of the text, i.e. one line or two lines.

Step 5: Once you have a line of your text you can click on the Font drop-down list and select a font, your text will automatically change once your font has been selected. You can also alter the colour by clicking on your text and then choosing any colour from the palette at the bottom right of the editor.

To add more lines of text simply repeat steps 2 to 5 until you've created your bespoke wall quote. Don't forget you can add clip-art by clicking on the 'Add art' button and then choosing a design that suits your taste. The clip-art will automatically be entered into the designer when you click on it and you can change the size and and the colour just like you did with the text in the steps above.

Remember we've uploaded a simple demo video for you to look at. The video can be viewed at the bottom of the page where the designer is situated.