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We've been think of adding professionally printed wall murals to our on-line store in conjunction with our high quality and beautifully designed wall stickers. Why, you may ask? Well we've had a number of inquiries from our past and present customers asking if we're able to provide large printed wall murals.

Any design can be printed, from pop art images like you see above to high resolution photographic imagery all with amazing close-up detail.

As the material is self adhesive like a giant sticker there's no need for messy glues or pastes in order to fit the wall mural. This saves time and money and allows for easier fitting as the mural can be adhered to the wall and then removed and re-applied if necessary. Only after a few weeks does the adhesive cure fully on the rear of the mural which means that during application the mural can be worked to and from the wall until you're happy, great for perfectionists!

The material that we'd use for this application would be an easy to apply bubble free self adhesive wallpaper that is virtually indestructible. The material is so durable you'd be able to completely screw it up into a tight ball, unravel it and apply it to the wall in question with near perfect results, you can't hurt this film! This is great news as the mural itself can be fitted by anybody without fear of ruining the product during application.

Most of the murals we're thinking of producing will be supplied in meter wide sections and to create the desired effect on the wall you'd overlap various panels until the end result was achieved. After you've fitted the mural the joins will be invisible.

As with any product sold form My Wall Stickers we'd spend a lot of time creating detailed printed instructions with step-by step pictures of how to install the product, making sure the customer achieves perfect results is at the heart of My Wall Stickers so we'd cover this apsect with great care.

We'd develop a full range of murals as mentioned above from seascapes, landscapes, pop art, children's adventure and more, we might even add the ability for our customers to upload their own images.

If you think this is a good idea please comment below, we need your criticism! Even if you think this sucks we'd like to know!