A new addition to our ever increasing wall sticker collection is our VIP Lounge quote design. Since the launch of My Wall Stickers back in 2010 we’ve always wanted to be able to offer unique designs that really stand out for the sea of offerings from other wall sticker companies out there. Our VIP Lounge wall quote sticker is designed with trend in mind and is one of our more 'hip' designs that will not look out of place in a young adults bedroom, kitchen or hallway. This design is themed upon what could be seen in a nightclub or similar with use of creative block text and script that has been artistically implemented to create a complete motif that would adhere to any wall in your home with complete style.

We've always found that to cater for the masses having a large range of modern wall stickers is the best plan of action. When we first started we had a catalogue of around 300 designs and now we're coming up to 600! We're not sure how large the catalogue will grow to as we do add new designs nearly on a daily basis. Keeping our decorative wall sticker catalogue up-to-date is right at the heart of My Wall Stickers as we want to provide for all and even if we find that we don't stock a particular design a client is looking for we usually end up adding it to the website not only to satisfy the customer but to make the wall transfer available to other customers in the future.

Our customers old and new are always commenting on how pleased they are with our wall art stickers and decals and that they have really transformed the look of there home. The most common fact that’s pointed out is how easy the stickers are to install on the wall and how they can create a whole new look within their home with ease, not breaking the bank and most importantly being mess free. We've also noticed the amount of returning customers back to our website. This is mainly achieved from customers wanting more of our product or via recommendation which is great for us.

We do offer a £5 off coupon with all of our wall stickers that is often passed on to friends and family of the purchaser so there's plenty of opportunity and reward when purchasing a stunning set of wall stickers from My Wall Stickers! We've now achieved 16 categories of wall sticker designs on our website including flowers, quotes, children’s, nursery, animals, kitchen and sports to name but a few so feel free to browse the UK's best collection of wall stickers available on-line and be sure to find the design that's perfect for that blank space in your home.