fireplace wall sticker

My we present our new Victorian style fireplace wall art sticker. This type of home decoration is now proving to be very popular right here in the UK, the old fashioned rustic look is trendy and using wall art that resembles this era can turn your home in to a design masterpiece. We got the idea to create this wall sticker after one of our clients asked if we stocked such a design and we thought to ourselves that this would be a great idea to add to our on-line collection of unique wall decals.

The design of this decal is consistently traditional with the fine curves and lines that make up this sticker, you'll love the detail as we've painstakingly created this design using references from fireplaces of this period dating back to the turn of the century.

This wall graphic is sized generously at 110cm tall by 100cm wide and is very near real life size, well it would look slightly weird if it was not in proportion! To make this piece of wall art really pop you could add another one of our wall stickers on top of the fireplace sticker as if there was an object sitting on the mantle, again proving the only limits to the creativity you can achieve with our graphics is your imagination!