Wall stickers look great placed in the bathroom and we proudly offer a mixed set of designs for you to get creative with. Some of the products that we offer are tile wall stickers and they're great for sprucing up your plain and dull tiles in a matter of minutes. By simply peeling the sticker away from the backing sheet and applying to the tile you'll have yourself a unique modern chic themed bathroom with just a few presses of your squeegee! Our tile stickers are fully waterproof and will last for years once applied to any clean tile and what's even better is you can remove them at any time in their lifespan quite easily using a bit of heat from a hair-dryer and simply peeling the sticker away from the tile.

Other wall stickers you can use in your bathroom include our wall quotes and we've a few designs that are just right for making you want to run a warm bath and have a long and relaxing soak! Our 'Bath Time' wall sticker is a very trendy design with a twist on the decorative text and is totally unique to My Wall Stickers. This design features words such as 'bliss', 'relax', 'me time' and 'serene' and is fully complimented by four beautiful butterflies that sit on top of the text. Adding this wall sticker design to your bathroom will transform the look and feel of the room instantly and you'll soon be wanting to spend a lot more time in there!

So go on, take a look at our exciting trendy wall stickers and see what will look great in your bathroom or any room in our home for that matter. You can get as creative as you please and remember that your wall sticker will be with you in no time after you've placed your order with us. You can even match your existing home decor colour theme for your new wall sticker as when you order you'll be able to choose from 18 great colours!