cheap wall stickers

Some great little all round wall art stickers are currently being added to the website. We've had a bit of a brainwave and decided to include some new wall stickers that are of a more convenient size. Not to say that our other wall stickers are too big, on the contrary, we wanted some designs that would look great on smaller spaces, areas in your home that just need a little bit of modern chic added to them and a small wall decal is the perfect solution!

A few of our past and present customers have said that it would be nice if we included smaller designs that can be dotted around the home in a creative style that suits them. Also, the smaller cheap wall stickers can be easily used to improve the look of laptop covers, toolboxes, cars, cupboards, windows, mirrors etc, they're not just for walls! The great quality of the vinyl that we use when we make our wall stickers is ideal for sticking on any smooth and flat surface, we'll let you decide where to put them, they're really that versatile!

Some of the great little wall stickers that have made it into the under £10 collection include our Pretty Petals design. This is a very simple design but looks really nice on any wall. As the petals are supplied to you on a sheet you can cut them up and stick them to the wall in the fashion that pleases your creative spirit. Have fun when your applying your wall stickers, it's all about how creative you can be in your own time.

This category was also added to our site so all budgets can be catered for, we aim to please and want to let the world know how good our products are so if you're considering purchasing a set of stylish cheap wall stickers from our on-line store why not start out with a small sticker and then add a bigger one at a later date? Remember with every single order we supply a £5 discount coupon making your 2nd order with us a bargain! These coupons are also great to give away as a gift to a family member or friend.