bathroom tile stickersSometimes bathrooms can look a little plain, with their common and simple layout, a white or light coloured room with a bath/shower, toilet and sink. Could you say that this is a room in your house that you actually like spending a lot of time in? Well as we all know it's nice to have a long soak or blow away the cobwebs with a hot shower but apart from these small luxuries what else makes you want to spend more time in the bathroom? You can now add a bit of modern flair and attention to this room in your home using one of our themed wall art stickers. Our designs don't just look great in bedrooms, kitchens and hallways, you can now add a wall motif in the bathroom to create a big visual effect.

Some of our product lines dedicated to the bathroom in our on-line store are our tile stickers. These stickers are very durable and won't peel or come away from the effect of constant daily use such as being splashed with water, condensation or being cleaned with common household cleaners. We sell little decals that can be applied in the centre of the tiles such as our seahorses, shells and starfish designs to name but a few. Sold in packs of 36 stickers you'll have plenty to decorate your tiles with in a style that suits your mood and creativity. Other tile stickers in this fabulous range our the mosaic stickers that we sell; designed to cover the complete face of a British standard size tile. These designs are printed using our photo quality digital printer and then over laminated to protect the print thus making the sticker very durable against scratching or peeling once applied to the tile. Also our printed tile stickers benefit from what's known as a grey adhesive, this is important if your decorating a coloured tile to prevent the colour from shining through on the new sticker. We also stock a range of themed wall quotes that will add that extra touch of relaxation during the time spent pampering yourself. One such example is our 'bath time' sticker that displays words such as relax, bliss, me time and serene. Complimented with surrounding butterfly motifs this design is poplar among all ages.

One of the newer bath related stickers in our store is our 'bathe' design, made from a classic contemporary font Times New Roman, this design is simple and very chic and is also proving popular. Other great designs that you could apply to any wall in your bathroom could be our 'dolphins' design, the best way to get the ideal look would be to order in a subtle colour that compliments your existing decoration style, for example if you had light blue walls then order in our ocean blue or navy blue to complement to room as a whole. Even some of our smaller flower wall stickers have been added to a specific area, even glass or plastic shower doors make great areas for applying our decals, just to balance the room and add contrast to a corner that just needs 'a little something'. So whatever your tastes remember that any of our vinyl transfers can be added to your bathroom and will last for years once applied.