Tile Stickers

We've some great tile stickers that will really bring your bathroom or kitchen to life. All are available in a a host of great colours and patterns to match your current décor style. Our tile transfers are manufactured from our durable PVC vinyl making them completely heat resistant & waterproof.tile stickers

We offer everything from stylish dolphins, seahorses, pretty shells to beautiful multicolour mosaic designs all of which can be used on any smooth tile for an instant gratifying look. Some of our tile stickers are supplied on handy sheets which can be cut out individually and placed creatively where you think looks best. Using tile stickers to cover and old fading design is a much more easier and stress free way of altering the look of a kitchen or bathroom quickly when compared to physically replacing the actual tiles which can be time consuming and quite a messy process.

Installation is a very simple and can be completed without the use of any special tools or prior knowledge of fitting vinyl stickers. Our printed designs can be installed by carefully removing the top layer of the backing sheet, offering up to the tile then gently smoothing the rest of the graphic down with your fingers or squeegee.

You can remove your tile stickers at any point by simply warming the design with a hairdryer to reactivate the glue and then by using a peeling motion to peel back the transfer from the surface. If a little glue is left behind then this can easily be wiped away.

If you need help in choosing the right tile sticker for you home then simply give us a call on 01692 402423 or by sending us an email. We can make custom graphics to suit your individual requirement and also resize any of the designs on our website as we realise that there are many different sizes of tiles available to day.