One of the newest trends in home decorating is wall art quotes. They can be found in more and more homes and help people express themselves in ways that more traditional art can not. Wall quotes can be appropriate for everything from a baby's nursery to a formal dining room. It all depends on the words, colors, and font style that you choose.

Ideas for Bedroom Quotes

For example, bedroom quotes might include, 'Always kiss me goodnight', for a master bedroom, or something more whimsical like, 'Please excuse the mess', 'We are making memories', for use in a child's bedroom. Another bedroom quote idea for a boy's nursery is, '€œShhh... I'm slaying dragons'. This would work very well over their crib and imbues a sense of adventure into the decorating.

Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration for wall quotes comes from many places. Some quotes are from beloved children's literature like that written by Dr. Seuss or Margaret Wise Brown, who wrote 'Goodnight Moon' and 'Runaway Bunny'. Other people prefer a more sophisticated aesthetic and quote Audrey Hepburn when she said, '€œThe best thing to hold onto in life is each other'.

Using Wall Art to Express Family Culture

Some families are choosing to use wall art quotes to share their family values. This popular idea starts out, '€œIn this family', then continues on making points such as 'We do giggles. We do messy. We do forgiveness'. These can be purchased already made or can be custom designed to reflect the uniqueness of your family. Generally, this type of wall art quote is done in a subway style which is a little edgier. With a softer font though, it can suit any decor.

Understanding the Choices

Wall art quotes can truly be used in any room or with any decorating scheme. The color choices are incredible with multiple shades of each color available. Of course, choosing a standard black or grey works in case you are not quite sure where a vinyl art quote will end up. There are traditional looking fonts, classy fonts, and fun fonts that can emphasis the words you choose to quote.

Really, the options for adorning your walls with words is limited only by your imagination. There are many items already created or you could design your own, using existing quotes as inspiration. As you look around and think about where you are going to put your wall art quotes, be inspired to express yourself.