Calling all coffee lovers! Introducing a brand new addition to our website, the Coffee House kitchen wall art sticker. Sized at a moderate 60cm wide by 80cm tall, with wonderfully decorative swirly embellishments, plus a retro look and feel, it's been styled to be admired by all in any kitchen no matter what age group.

The vast range of coffee available for you to purchase at your local supermarket has never been so plentiful. There's literally a bean for every taste and with professional modern coffee machines being readily available and priced competitively, getting that ideal brew at home has never been easier. Coffee machines are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing so what would be a better idea than to proudly accompany your machine with one of our stylish decals? Our Coffee House vinyl graphic would make the perfect accompaniment on your wall as we've based it on a commercial café/restaurant design which would look good in any season.

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the home and it is generally where we spend most of our time. Preparing meals, cooking, eating and cleaning are the obvious but think a little harder and you'll soon realise that the kitchen is a main social area where many can chat and relax with all of the homely amenities close to hand, such as the kettle and fridge! When it comes to decorating and styling this room it's usually either completed in a traditional look and feel, or the complete opposite with a modern take. Accessories like wall transfers and graphics are now widely used to achieve one of the above looks quickly and easily. It's also a low cost investment too, as you can completely alter the look of any plain area for under £20. What are you waiting for?