We thought that we'd mention what you can expect when opening up your new wall sticker and removing it from the postal tube that we supply it in. There's more to our great looking wall stickers than you may think but don't worry it's not a complicated or long winded news post, read on and you'll be fully prepared for when you take delivery of your new piece of home wall art from My Wall Stickers.

Our wall stickers will be supplied to you as three parts, the wall sticker, the backing paper and the transfer tape that keeps all the sections of your wall sticker in one place as a whole ready for you to apply to the wall. Check out the picture to your right and you'll get a better idea of what we mean.

Obviously the most important part of the wall sticker is the actual sticker itself and the other two parts merely assist you in getting the wall sticker on the wall with ease.

Part one

Part one of the wall sticker is the waxy backing paper that your wall sticker sits on. This acts like a support paper and keeps all of the sticker in one section. Similar to any backing paper you may have experienced along your travels as many sticker and label manufacturers use this process to hold sections of graphics together that require extra rigidity. The other natural purpose of the backing paper is to protect the adhesive and prevent if from getting contaminated from dirt and debris. If the sticker had no backing paper the sticky part would be exposed and it would stick to everything it touched!

Part two The Good Bit!

I think we can all guess what part this! This section of the make-up is the actual wall sticker itself which is sitting on the backing paper as described in part one. The vinyl sticker which is availalbe in many quality grades, sizes and colours can be computer cut to literally any shape on the backing paper. Once the sticker is cut to it's desired shape the process called 'weeding' takes place which removes the unwanted vinyl material from the edges. This process is done by hand and can be quite time consuming depending on the complexity of the design, in turn the cutting of the sticker is completed by a computer controlled cutter. It seems ironic that you can have the very latest in graphic manufacturing technology with all the 'bells and whistles' but at the end of the day human intervention still takes place in finishing the sticker!

Part three

Part three of the vinyl wall art sticker is called the transfer tape and really plays an important part in assisting the end user (you!) in transferring the wall sticker from the backing sheet onto the wall. Without the transfer tape you'd not be able to get the sticker on the wall without peeling all of the separate sections of the sticker and applying to the wall in individual sections. You have to remember that wall stickers are made of very thin material almost like a skin that goes on the wall. If you peel vinyl away from the backing liner without applying transfer tape then you run the risk of destroying the sticker as it would probably fall back upon itself and stick together, not good for stickers!

The transfer tape as you'll find looks exactly like masking tape but in a much bigger size. We use a low tack tape so that you can remove it from the wall easily. Be aware of other sticker manufacturers that may use a low quality high tack tape as you might run the risk of removing paint from your wall after application of your new wall sticker. We use a tried and tested tape that is specially formulated for wall decoration and is perfect for all surfaces such as painted and wallpaper.

Using your supplied squeegee you'll be flattening the sticker against the wall running over the transfer tape removing any air bubbles. The transfer tape will protect the vinyl sticker underneath whilst you apply it and is removed once the design is stuck to the wall thus revealing your brilliant art sticker on the wall in one piece like it was on the backing paper but this this time it's on the wall.


Remember you'll get a really easy set of instructions with your order with step-by-step pictures to follow. The above is a demonstration of what you can expect from your wall sticker once you remove it from the packaging. Don't forget we'll give you squeegee to apply your sticker with as well. All you'll need is a few strips of masking tape and a cloth to clean the wall with.