safari wall stickers

Our collection of stickaround wall stickers has increased with a few nice little designs recently. The good thing about our nursery stickarounds is that you can simply peel and position the stickers straight from the backing sheet onto your wall and have fun with a little bit of your own creativity and those around you. Our stickers can be handled by all ages as they are non toxic, although we would recommend supervision for the under 3's.

Stickarounds are colourful designs that are in tune with classic themes such as undersea creatures, transport sets and animals. They're ideal for adding a quick bit of colour and delight to a bedroom wall or similar. You can even apply them to furniture and other objects for decorative purposes. These particular stickers differ from our standard wall stickers as we print them as opposed to vinyl cutting from a single coloured sheet. To create our stickarounds we digitally print the designs onto a white self adhesive matt vinyl.

Once the printing side has completed we then apply a transparent over laminate to the print. Laminating the stickers not only protects the sticker against scratches and abrasion but also makes them more rigid so they're easy to handle straight from the sheet. To apply to your walls simply peel the individual sections away from the baking paper and apply randomly on the wall. You can also re-use and remove the stickers as many times as you please, just make sure the wall is clean.