After much deliberation the 2012 hosepipe ban has been issued for hundreds of thousands of homes up and down the country. Anybody in violation of this rule can face a fine of up to £1000 so it's a pretty serious matter and due to official sources it will most probably last all summer and even into the autumn. So you may be asking yourself what does this have to do with our wall stickers? Well a popular design that is proving to be a bit of a hit at the moment is our 'Save Water Drink Wine' wall art sticker.

This is a bit of a modern take on the old World War 2 style advertisement posters which had a concurrent theme of making the British public dig deep both physically and mentally during the hard times to make life better for future times. Adding this wall motif to your home perhaps in your kitchen or hallway will prove to be a focal point that will in turn drum up creative conversation in relation to the current water drought although we do recommend any alcohol consumed is done in moderation! So the moral of the story is to save the water and drink wine, well why not? With the evenings now drawing out there's more time to enjoy the warmer weather with a glass or two after a hard day at the office.