removable nursery stickers

We've just launched a new category within our fabulous on-line collection of unique wall art stickers. It specifically caters for nursery wall stickers but with a twist. The twist is that all of the wall stickers in this section will be manufactured from a completely removable and reusable material. This material is non-toxic and can be applied and removed with great ease, it's merely a case of peeling the sticker away from the backing sheet and sticking to the wall and hey presto you've got yourself a colourful piece of modern wall art. Bored wit the position of the stickers? No problem! Simply peel away from the wall and stick somewhere else.

The removable material that we print onto has a sightly textured finish that feels high quality to the touch. The adhesive on the rear of the sticker is a peel-able adhesive and is completely mess free. It can be used and re-used up to 100 times which we're sure will last you a lifetime.

You and your family can have so much fun with the removable and reusable wall stickers as you can change the look of the room as many times as you please from one day to the next. You can get involved with the decoration of the room or leave it up to your child to decorate under your supervision.

This material is really safe and can be wiped clean should and marks be present on the surface, especially sticky fingermarks! It's very hard wearing and will not tear or rip easily as its' a lot thicker than our usual wall stickers. It has to be thicker so the person applying it to the wall is able to keep the sticker rigid whilst transporting the design from wall to wall.

Our most common wall stickers can only be used once and if you tried to transport them from one wall to another the sticker would stretch and go very limp so to cut a long story short the reusable material we use for our nursery stickers is thick and durable and the colours that make up the design are very vibrant and have great impact.

You can also store your new removable wall stickers on the backing sheet when you're not using them. Simply peel from the wall and adhere back on to the backing sheet and roll up and sore for future usage.

Have some fun with our reusable nursery wall stickers today!