We're now proud to offer our full colour wall stickers in a new film that allows you to remove and reuse as many times as you like, by simply peeling away from the wall and then re-applying to a different area. Our new removable and re-positionable wall art is great fun for all the family and a new revolution in the way we manufacture our decals.

This type of product works especially well for nursery wall stickers as unlimited colourful designs and patterns can be printed onto the film which in turn is ideal for adding visual impact into a child’s bedroom. Generally supplied on a large sheet with a backing paper, we think you'll be impressed at how easy they are to install. Simply cut around each sticker (if applicable), peel from the backing paper and apply to the wall using the squeegee tool provided. Should you want to move the sticker at a later date you can gently peel the transfer off the wall and stick on any other surface you think looks right.

Our removable wall stickers are manufactured from a thicker material than our other graphics. This is to ensure easier handling once removed, keeping the sticker rigid and ready to be used again. If you attempted to remove a standard decal from the wall, such as a quote or flower design, it would be unusable as the vinyl is much thinner and doesn't keep it's shape. Another great characteristic of this product is the fact that you can wipe them clean if necessary; ideal for a nursery, also the material is user-friendly, non toxic and safe for use with small children.

The excellent low tack adhesive on the back of the sticker also means that your walls are safe from damage or any residue being left behind, a perfect low maintenance product. All of our full colour printed stickers are now offered in this material. Common examples are our Safari Stickarounds, Construction Machines, Cute Animals, Lotus Lilies, Footballs and Discovery transfers. There'll be plenty more to come, so watch this creative space!