nursery wall art

A fresh addition to our children's wall stickers category today is our new Playroom Rules wall transfer. Since our House Rules and Life Rules wall art quote designs have proven to be very popular with the adults, we thought it was about time we produced a graphic that would keep the younger ones in check, so here it is.

The Playroom Rules design is really a convenient play on words but cleverly repeats some home truths about how the younger generation should conduct their activities within the home, and it does this with plenty of smiles and a few stars thrown in!

Sometimes having a few meaningful letters on the wall can not only add a decorative visual impact within the room but can also portray a positive educational message that can be learned by the reader. They can be also be used as a reminder should any naughty activity be witnessed!

When creating this wall graphic we chose a font that would be in theme with the audience, a child-like handwritten font. This font not only looks pretty groovy but will also enable a connection between the wall decal and the audience, as this design is aimed at the much younger generation.

So to assist the eyes in the back of your head, make this wall letter sticker a new addition to the nursery or kid's bedroom. It will surely lovingly reinforce a positive message, whether you're in the room or not, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!