We've been adding a lot of full colour wall stickers to our on-line store recently and we'd just like to let you know good the end result is! It's photographic, take a look at the close-up view of our new Elephant Walking wall sticker:

Truely stunning detail thanks to the recent delivery of our new state-of-the-art wide format digital printer as mentioned in our last news post.

We actually print all our full colour wall stickers using an eco-friendly solvent based ink that is really hard wearing and not to mention the brilliant colour vibrancy allows for a wall sticker that really adds impact to any room.

We print our full colour wall stickers at 1440 dots per inch. This is to ensure the detail can be viewed very close, every 'nook and cranny' of the design can be viewed really close up and enjoyed, where else have you seen big wall sticker prints like this on the internet? Could My Wall Stickers be breaking the mould? We hope so! Watch this space.

To make sure the printed wall sticker stands the test of time we add a high gloss laminate for extra protection against scratches and general daily abrasion. The gloss laminate also enhances the colours even more, imagine it as a varnish. Once the laminate film has been added this turns the graphic into a virtually indestructible product and will remain looking good on your wall for years to come. You can even be cheeky and remove and re-apply the sticker in different positions on the wall.

As our printed stickers are quite thick and durable this makes them even easier to apply to the wall. It really is a case of cleaning the wall, peeling the backing from the rear of the sticker and applying. We do provide full easy to follow instructions with step-by-step pictures and a vinyl squeegee fitting tool with every single order. So you'll be fully 'kitted out' to get the best result possbile when installing your new wall art sticker.

Have fun... :)