matt finish wall vinyl

Add heat to your wall sticker for a 'painted look 'finish

Once you've purchased your new wall sticker and found an ideal spot to install it there's a little trick you can do to make the sticker look even more realistic. Depending on the type of wall you adhered the design to you can use a little heat from a hair dryer or heat gun to gently warm the sticker and push the material into the contours of the wall.

If you look very closely to most walls there's a textured like finish, generally once a wall sticker has been applied the vinyl will bridge the uneven surface of the wall. The wall sticker will still look great simply 'applied' to the wall but using the trick above of a little heat will make your wall sticker look like it really is part of the wall and like the design has actually just been painted onto the wall!

The way to do it is to firstly apply the sticker to the wall in the desired area and then add some gentle heat (hair-dryer or heat gun) and using your finger, or your finger wrapped in a piece of cloth you can push the sticker into the wall's contour and you'll be amazed at the noticeable difference in the look of the sticker straight away. You get a more textured look by doing this as the vinyl sticker becomes more pliable once heat has been added.

Heating the wall sticker into the wall will not harm your wall or make it difficult to remove the wall sticker when you want to whether it's in two weeks time or 10 years time, hopefully the latter, we aim to please! Removal of the sticker is similar to the process described above, with the application of a little heat, doing this makes the sticker peel from the wall with ease or you could simply try to remove the wall sticker by lifting a corner with your nail and slowly peeling the wall sticker away from the wall.

Air bubbles and wrinkles

Sometimes during the application of your wall sticker you may get the odd bubble or wrinkle in the vinyl. Don't worry about this as generally we can fix any imperfections using a little patience and know how. Thanks to the revolutionary quality of our wall stickers they're quite a durable product and will take a bit of stick before you completely ruin them.

Wrinkles, this is when the vinyl may slightly overlap or you may get a tunnel effect in the vinyl, to rectify simply use heat as described above and push out the wrinkle or tunnel with your index finger or tip of your nail, keep the heat on the problem area until the vinyl literally 'melts' back into the desired position, remember safety, the heat applied to the sticker should only be gentle and not enough to burn your fingers so please be careful.

Bubbles, when applying your new sticker to your wall using the squeegee you may miss or overlap a section of the sticker in such a manner that causes a small unsightly air bubble. Air bubbles in vinyl are so easy to remove, just get a pin or similar sharp pointed item and carefully prick the bubble and push the air out with your finger. Our stickers have the amazing ability to cure themselves due to expansion and contraction due to heat in your home and after a while you'll never even be able to see where you pricked the vinyl!

Quite recently we've had a couple of our customers say that they've added one of our wall stickers to their wall and that they're unhappy they can't take their wall stickers with them when they move house! This really is the only drawback of wall art stickers, once they're up, they're up! Removal will stretch the sticker out of shape making it virtually impossible to re-apply the wall sicker to another wall, i guess it' a good job our designs are competitively priced!