owl nursery decalsOwls symbolize wisdom, insight, and dreams in many cultures. Children and adults alike delight in watching owls and other birds swoop, soar, and glide. Decorating the home with owl and bird wall stickers brings the outdoors inside and inspires thoughts of relaxation and freedom.

Nurseries and Bedrooms

Owl wall stickers are perfect for children's rooms. Brightly colored owl and bird wall stickers stimulate children. Place them above cribs and bassinets, near high chairs, and in play areas. Stickers are not only removable but reusable as well. As children transition from cribs and changing tables to beds and dressers the stickers can be rearranged along with the furniture. If children move out of the nursery into another bedroom then the stickers can travel with them to their new room. Wall stickers are also an excellent choice for families that rent. Sleepy children will be reassured to see the same nocturnal owls keeping watch.

Young Adults

College students love hip owl designs. Owl wall stickers are perfect for dorm room decor and can be moved to new dorm rooms and apartments. Stickers are not bulky and can be easily packed up for moving to new cities and first apartments.


Simple wall stickers make great gifts for older friends and relatives. Wall stickers are easy to install and older homeowners will not need to use hammers and nails. Since wall stickers do not damage walls, bird wall stickers can help brighten walls in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Create a Theme

Bird and owl wall stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as in full colour or single colour. Similar art on walls helps unify decor from room to room. Bird wall stickers can be used throughout the home. Use simple and neutral silhouettes in formal living areas. Add small designs in transitional areas such as hallways, foyers, corners, and bathrooms. Place wall stickers along the top of walls in rooms in lieu of older wallpaper borders.

Get Creative

Bird and owl wall stickers can be combined and incorporated in endless techniques. Use a large empty wall and create a mural of birds in flight. Perch rows of birds across top shelves, mantles, and door and window frames. Build landscapes with birds and owls in combination with other nature inspired stickers and artwork. Bird and owl stickers can be sophisticated or funky. Wall stickers are a simple and fun technique anyone can use to create their own personalized space.