owl wall stickers

The owl family wall art sticker is a new design inspired for application onto any wall in your home and to suit all ages. It's a full colour digitally printed design that really looks amazing with sharp vibrant colours and design features.

We stock many different owl wall stickers in our on-line store as they have proven to be quite popular, even more so in the decoration of nursery walls and young childrens bedrooms. This particular sticker is sized at a generous 110cm long by 70cm tall and can be supplied facing either the left or the right hand side. To order this sticker facing the direction you require simply choose 'as shown' or 'mirrored' in the direction drop-down box whilst adding to your cart.

Adding this amazing piece of decorative wall art to your home interior is easier than you think. Manufactured with a peel-able backing liner and smooth transfer tape sticking this to your wall is a simple case of peeling the motif away from the liner and smoothing down on the wall with the supplied squeegee.

This design like all our other wall art stickers can last up to 5-7 years in your home minimum and can be removed at any time by simply heating up the sticker with a hair dryer to effectively awaken the adhesive and peeling the design away from the wall. As the material we use when producing our wall stickers is a high quality removable film you'll be safe in the knowledge that during removal no mess or marks on the wall will be present.