nursery wall art stickers

The Nursery is often a room in the home that is decorated out of necessity, rather than choice, in light of a new born. An area is chosen such as a spare bedroom which is then outfitted to be safe and comfortable as can be. This is a very exciting time in anyone's life, looking forward to a baby being born as well as preparing and designing the ideal crèche.

Nursery wall decals can be applied throughout this area removing the need to paint the walls which can save quite a lot of time and, more importantly, money. Wall stickers that cater for this age group are mainly made up of colourful images and pictures that can act as a tool to visually engage and motivate. Timeless designs that appeal to this age group are animals, transport, space, jungle and trees to name but a few. Another great characteristic of our nursery stickers is how easy they are to install and remove, if required.

We've often found from customer feedback that combining many themed sticker packs creatively will display a large mural that can be used to nearly cover a whole wall. We stock a good range of transfers of varying sizes, shapes and colours so the only real limit to how good your children's wall art will look is your imagination.

Combine personalised quotes and letter stickers to make the finished result a bit more bespoke. A baby boy or girl's name graphic can be easily created online by using our quote tool and then combined with our other stickers. Or why not see of one of our standard nursery quotes can work as a decorative accompaniment such as our 'So Many Toys' or 'Read me a Story' pieces, both of which are a pleasant play on words that can be used to make a room more cheerful which is the main aim of this type of wall art, to visually create a feeling of happiness and well-being, at least we think so anyway!