nursery rhyme wall stickersWe've been adding quite a few nursery rhyme wall stickers to our on-line collection recently and they've proven to be very popular. If you need instant decoration in your child's room but don't want to go over-the-top then these rhyme wall art stickers could be just what you need.

When we design our nursery rhyme stickers we like to have a play around with the fonts and even add some clip art to the design to make the overall look a bit more interesting. Take our Caught a Fish Alive design for example. We added this design to our collection after an inquiry from a customer asking if we we able to produce this particular decorative design. Of course we naturally obliged as we find getting creative a natural past time so we took it on-board to produce a sticker that would look great on any nursery wall or child's room wall.

When creating a nursery wall sticker we'll pinpoint a particular section of the rhyme such as the chorus or the opening first lines. These are the most popular parts of the rhymes that everybody remembers and are the best to select as key parts of the wall sticker. We'll then go about adding clip art or pictures to the design that are in theme and compliment the chosen text. In the Caught a Fish Alive design all it took were a couple of fish blowing bubbles placed either side of the soft words to complete the design as a whole.

It's surprising how a few selected words that everybody remembers from their childhood can be turned into a high quality piece of wall art that can be adhered to a wall and enjoyed for years to come. Our nursery stickers are also Ideal if your reading a particular book to your child as you can compliment the read with a wall sticker!

We've managed to select a vast array of popular kids nursery rhymes and have surprised ourselves of the vast amount of classic lyrics that we have forgotten from our childhoods! Keep watching this space as we'll be adding more designs to our kids wall stickers section in the weeks to follow. If you have any requests please contact us as we might be able to help you in sourcing that perfect design for your home decoration needs.