A popular question we're often asked here at My Wall Stickers is if our decals can be applied to other surfaces instead of walls. The simple answer to this question is yes! Now we could stop this news topic right here but we'll continue to let you know how versatile our transfers are and how you can use them in a lot more places than you may think.

The material we use for our stickers is a great quality, matt finish vinyl film that is designed to stand the test-of-time indoors or outdoors. It's life expectancy indoors will run into many years as it is protected from the elements, i.e weather and sunlight as opposed to being installed outdoors where the environment can be a little more challenging.

Great places to use our stickers and graphics, other than from the obvious would be vehicles. Some of our clients have used vinyl transfers on their cars and the results can be outstanding. Popular designs that look great on cars are the flower wall stickers we stock. We have many pretty, swooping, highly detailed designs that can be applied to any part of your ride for an instant funky look.

Should you see a design listed within our vast on-line catalogue that you really like, but require in a custom size be sure to get in touch as we can alter the sizes of any of our stickers to cater for your requirements. Our vinyl cutting machines can precisely cut decals up to 1.3 meters wide by any length!

Other creative objects to install our graphics to is furniture and other furnishings around your home. We've actually been quite surprised at the level of creativity our customers have shown over recent years in where they actually stick their transfers!

It doesn’t really matter where you apply your design as long as the surface is reasonably smooth and flat. The surface can even be a little bit curved as the vinyl film will follow the contour of the surface. As long as you thoroughly clean the area where the sticker is to be applied so the adhesive can get a really good key, you'll be good to go!

Why not consider using our graphics on glass, such as your bedroom windows or any windows in your home for that matter. Our decorative stickers look amazing installed on mirrors for a bit of a personal touch, in turn making your home just that little more individual. With our portfolio of wall decals growing on almost a daily basis why not have a flick through our latest offerings and see how you can personalise your home the modern way using our creative products.