A quick note to mention that we've had our new COMODO SSL certificate installed on the website today. What doe this mean you ask? Well it will secure all of your personal information to the highest possible level. You'll be able to create an account and order wall stickers in complete privacy with the utmost security. We chose this certificate as it is one of the leading providers of on-line security world-wide and we're proud to offer this service to our customers as it's obviously so important to have a functional and secure website.

You'll notice that in the bottom right of every page there's a little red triangular graphic with a padlock in it. If you hover your mouse over it or even click upon it our company information is clearly displayed along with our trading name and premises address.

This certificate is also outstanding as it guarantees to protect your on-line activities up to $50,000 so you'll be in complete peace of mind at My Wall Stickers that when your surfing our website all of your information whether it be your account details or the more sensitive credit card details, all with be totally secure and not be sheared with any other person or computer.