A freshly created wall quote sticker has been added to our unique online collection today, may we present our “My Sunshine” design. With the famous song in mind we thought a great wall graphic could me made from this lovely song lyric.

Upon first appearance you'll be able to make out the calligraphy hand written style font we used to create the motif as a whole. We wanted to use a typeface that had flair and could easily make a statement on your wall once you've applied it.

The sticker should look like it's been lovingly hand painted straight onto your wall and with the embellished underline, this piece of modern wall art really strikes a pose on any wall that it's placed!

You could decorate a nursery, bedroom, kitchen or hallway using this wall graphic, it can be admired on any wall in your home and is suitable for all ages, from young right through to adult.

Sized at 60cm tall by 110cm wide it's actually quite a large decal so be sure to find a good uncluttered wall for installation that in turn works in harmony with the graphic. From an aesthetic point-of-view it's not ideal to position too close to other objects, as bit of white space space around the graphic always looks best.