We've spent a few hours this week updating our Film, TV and celebrity sticker range. We thought the designs on offer we're a bit on the minimal side so we've add a few neat looking stickers to the range for you to benefit from. This bsection has always been the area of the website most frequented by our male clientèle with such vinyl designs on offer such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Dirty Harry so we'd only guess that these particular designs are at home on a bachelor pad's wall somewhere! Now there's nothing wrong with this but we wanted to make the range a bit more unisex so we've added designs such as Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and (we had to do it) Justin Bieber.

Also our existing Amy Winehouse sticker was re-designed after complaint that she didn't really resemble the late singer and we must admit that we got this design a little wrong so the one you see on the website is the new and improved design. Having a celebrity wall art sticker on your wall is a nice and simple way to give your home a bespoke look and feel. Many of the products that you can purchase to decorate your home with found elsewhere can be stacked high and sold cheap so-to-speak, so with our products we try to make them a bit unique so you can have a bit more pride in the way you have style your home. Take a look at our updated section of film, TV and celebrity wall stickers by clicking here.