Known as the most powerful and most well known Jedi Master, Grand Jedi Master Yoda is the most iconic character we've all grown to know and love since the early 80's. He's made many film and TV appearances from The Empire Strikes back to the more recent The Clone Wars back in 2008. He's even made an appearance in the Lego Star Wars, so he's a family face that we all know and love and he's poplar with all ages from the young through to adult.

As a small but modern company, My Wall Stickers likes to offer new and exciting ranges of vinyl wall decals that can be added to any plain wall for a little instant fun and imagination. We've not yet found anybody that isn't familiar with Star Wars, never mind fallen in love with Yoda. On the back of this we've created a unique wall graphic, may we present our newest addition to our site, Master Yoda. But there's a twist...

Our Master Yoda is a Banksy graffiti inspired design that shows Yoda acting cool and trendy with a set of stylish sunglasses and DJ inspired headphones around his neck. We always felt that Yoda was quite a cool character anyway, so wanted to enhance this feeling and played around with a few designs until we perfected the masterpiece we currently present to you within our catalogue.

Colour-wise, it's a little different from our standard stickers as the actual make-up of the graphic relies upon an inverted graphical layout that really only visually appears correct if placed on a dark coloured wall. It's a negative image that comes to life when a dark wall surrounds the elements to create the finished image as a whole, if that makes sense! Taking this into consideration we only offer this wall art design in our matt white vinyl to ensure it looks correct once installed , just make sure you select a dark coloured wall to enjoy the full effect!

If you have any questions or comments with regard to choosing the right product for decorating your home then please do feel free to send us a message by clicking here or alternatively call us on 01692 402423 during standard UK office hours.