stars wall stickers

Here at My Wall Stickers we strongly believe that even some of the most simple designs can produce the greatest visual results when placed in your home alongside your existing decoration theme. One of our most popular products when decorating children’s bedrooms or renovating a nursery are the stars wall stickers we stock. We've always offered star designs right from the beginning and recently got asked by a customer if we'd be able to produce a set of large stars that could be used to really make an impact on any wall. Our large stars wall stickers kit consists of 14 rounded stars with a s

election of 30cm diameter and 10cm diameter transfers.

These great little decals are supplied to you on one single sheet so you can cut out each star and apply to any flat surface and get as creative as you please. If you look at the product picture you'll be able to get an idea of how you can arrange them in a fashion that suits you, the only real limit to your creativity is your imagination. This type of modern wall art is great for the whole family to get involved with as everybody can have fun in finding the ideal placement for the wall graphics. To add even more creative flair you could order a couple of sets both in different colours and then combine the stickers on the wall to create a large colourful mural that you can be proud of!