wall decals for home

All of our wall stickers are made from a very hig quality PVC vinyl that can last for many years inside your home. When we state many years your stickers could actually last more than a decade on your wall believe it or not! You could even remove your design in ten years time and you'll never know it was placed on the wall thanks to the quality of the films we use during manufacture.

Tip 1

Making sure the wall you're going to place the sticker upon is clean and free from dust and debris is important. It's important as it helps the sticker bond to the wall with greater effect if the adhesive has adhered to the wall in the correct manner. You can clean the wall or surface prior to application using just soapy water until your 100% satisfied that the wall is clean and free from any contaminates. Just make sure the wall is clean and dry before you proceed with the installation procedure.

Tip 2

If you've just painted the wall that you'd like your wall sticker to be placed on then it's always best to leave the paint to dry a minimum of two weeks before you start applying your new wall sticker to it. The paint has to completely harden or cure as you could remove the paint accidentally during the application of the wall sticker as the application tape that holds the wall sticker all together will be stuck to the wall during installation and then removed once the wall sticker is in place. It's at this stage that the paint could come off the wall if it's not completely dry. If however the wall has not been painted then you're completely free to apply your new wall sticker to it without fear of the sticker taking any paint off the wall.

Tip 3

Careful planning is key to getting the wall sticker on the wall without error and of most of all getting it in the correct location. Before you actually apply the sticker it's best to 'dry fit' the sticker by using small pieces of making tape at the top or sides of the design. Positioning the sticker on the wall before application using making tape ensures that you get the sticker in the exact position you'd like it to be. You can also take a step back and make sure from other locations in the room that the design is placed in the correct area on the wall and then make final adjustments if necessary. Don't forget that you can always cut the design (if applicable) into smaller sections and let your creativity run wild by placing separate sections on the wall in different positions creating a bespoke look for your home.

Tip 4

Be creative with your new wall sticker. Experimenting with different walls and re-positioning the sticker at angles and differing heights will open up a whole new avenue of achieving the best possible aesthetic outcome for your new design. Some stickers look really cool if they appear to be floating in mid-air while others look just as good if they are anchored to features within the room such as tables, chairs, cabinets and other items of furniture. Really the only limit is your imagination and as mentioned in our previous top tips news post choosing the right colour for your design can also make a big impact on the finished look. A light coloured wall sticker on a light wall can give a modest look that is very artistic while dark colours on a light wall can give a sharp contrast. If you're unsure as to what colour to choose for your new design then please ask us for a free colour sample.

Tip 5

Wall stickers look just as good on home furniture and appliances. You can incorporate your new sticker onto a fridge freezer, washing machine or even a wheelie bin for example. It's not just walls that can benefit from our fabulous designs. As our stickers are manufactured from a thin pvc vinyl you can decorate anything in your home that you choose and be completely safe in the knowledge that the sticker can be removed at any time and you'll never know that it was there! Perhaps your car could do with a makeover? Sometimes our customers have used our flower wall stickers for decorating their car with. Our stickers are just as happy being outside as they are being inside so again it really boils down to your imagination and how you think you can use our stickers to decorate your home and appliances with. Get creative!

Tip 6

When applying your new sticker make sure you take full advantage of the tools and instructional documents provided with your order. We provide a vinyl squeegee with every order sent just to make your life a bit easier and to make sure that you achieve a professional finish. The instructions that you'll receive are produced by us and are very easy to follow. You'll find that the diagrams and step-by-step sequences are actually a fun process for the whole family to carry out so why not get everybody on-board to adhere your new wall stickers to the wall.

Tip 7

Once you've successfully applied your wall sticker to the wall you might get a couple of small air bubbles in the vinyl that are evident. Don't worry about this as it's completely natural and the best way to remove the bubbles is use a pin or similar object to gently prick the bubble and slowly force the air out with your finger. Some walls have a slightly rough surface so another top tip is to heat up the sticker on the wall using a hair dryer or heat gun and once the vinyl is warm push the sticker into the grain of the wall. Not only does this make your wall sticker look like it's been painted onto the wall it also makes it last longer as all of the adhesive will be in contact with the surface in turn making the sticker less likely to come off the wall as the are no loose sections.

Tip 8

Should you want to remove your wall sticker at any point in it's lifespan then the best thing to do is heat up the wall sticker as described in tip 7 and then slowly peel the wall sticker away from the wall using your finger nail. You'll be surprised at how easy the wall sticker actually comes off the wall and the little amount (if any) of residue that is left behind on the wall. Full instructions of how to remove your wall sticker are provided with every order we dispatch and we've always only a phone call away should you have and questions about installation or removal of your vinyl wall stickers.

Tip 9

Some stickers can't be re-used so be sure to check before you purchase from us if you want to re-use use your sticker. Generally the designs that are made up of many segments cannot be re-applied to your wall once they've been removed as the vinyl will be stretched and distorted when you remove the design from the wall. The wall stickers we sell that are once piece and mostly full colour or printed can be used a few times on different walls as the material is stronger and has an over laminate to prevent stretching during removal. If you're unsure if your wall sticker can be re-used then please do contact us as we can provide more information on sourcing re-usable designs but as a general rule of thumb 90% of our wall stickers cannot be used more than once.

Tip 10

To summarise your sticker should last well over ten years if the above steps have been carried out in the set manner providing the wall sticker doesn't get too mush wear and tear for example being in a nursery or public place. The only real problem that we face with our stickers is that our customers eventually move home and cannot take their wall sticker with them! We add designs to our on-line store almost daily so if you change your mind on the design that you already have in place in your home there will always be a new design waiting for you to safely purchase on our website.