Well as the old saying goes, "life's too short...." for whatever reason, and this time it's to make sure the coffee in your home is not of the cheaper variety! Wall stickers for your kitchen are such a great way to add a bit of modern artistic chic into an area of the home (let's face it) we spend quite a lot of time in.

Coffee drinking is now such an avid past time thanks to the advent in hot beverage making technology, take extravagant coffee making machines for example, knobs, buttons, pipes and dials a plenty! We created this quirky little vinyl wall graphic as we've found that many of our customers had room in their kitchen for such a design.

It's funny how most rooms in a house will have a space on a wall that could be used to decorate using a vinyl sticker, well we would say that wouldn't we! So if you're like the majority and enjoy a good brew of the coffee kind and know a thing or two about the perfect blend then take a look at this freshly created graphic, it could be jut right for you or a friend, did we mention our wall transfers make great gifts?