A recent addition to the website is our new Life Rules wall art sticker that you can add to any wall in your home to give a bit of a modern artistic feel. As our other House Rules sticker design has been very popular we thought we'd add a similar design to the site that can be used to compliment this current wall quote transfer. When designing this new wall graphic we did a bit of research on happy adjectives that we could use to compile a great looking wall quote. Some of the words that we've used in this design are 'help others', 'laugh a lot', 'work hard' and more importantly, smile! This wall sticker is a bit of fun that can be easily added to your existing home decoration as you can choose a colour to compliment your home colour theme.

The size of this art wall transfer is large when compared to our other quote stickers, it measures a hefty 60cm wide by 130cm tall so all of the lettering can be easily read from a distance. We've used the same bold block font that can be seen in the similar House Rules design. This graphic can also be adhered to any other smooth flat surface such as a wardrobe door or mirror for maximum effect. We'll make sure that fitting this trendy sticker is a real breeze as with every order we dispatch comes with a set of easy to follow instructions and a vinyl squeegee that can be used to smooth your new piece of wall art to your desired surface in a single action, easy!