kitchen wall decals

One of the most visited categories within our website is the kitchen wall stickers range. Up until only recently have you been able to add such colour and artistic flair to your home using our products that you can carry this decoration style into all rooms of your home and more importantly the room in the home that we spend a lot of time in, the kitchen. As so much time is spent in this area of the house, cooking, cleaning, eating, washing, you get the idea! Why wouldn't you want to spend a bit more time sprucing it up with a piece of modern wall art?

In the early days of vinyl wall stickers there were limited designs for you to choose from for the decoration of your living space, floral art mainly took centre stage! We mention early days, wall stickers have really only been a 'trendy' décor item since 2008, this is when it really took off to be a low cost solution to give your home a personal touch without any mess or fuss. Since 2008 the trend really gathered momentum and began to be more widespread as there's now a massive array of home stickers/decal styles to choose from. We'd never have thought it but as mentioned above kitchen decoration using adhesive wall decals is becoming popular than ever. Whether you choose to have a simple design such as the cutlery set, fine wines of the world or one of our striking coffee motifs to sit alongside your new coffee machine there's a plethora of funky designs for you to give your home an aesthetic boost!

One of the latest transfers to be added to our collection is the personalised kitchen wall quote. This is a great looking wall graphic that can be personalised to suit your requirements. You can enter your own family name and year of origin and we'll make you a bespoke sticker to adhere on your wall. This motif is made of a classic font choice such as Times New Roman and then combined with a modern swooping hand script to really make the overall look 'pop'. So whatever the size, shape or colour of your kitchen be sure to check what’s on offer within the world of My Wall Stickers as we've hundreds of hand picked stickers for you to make your home a little more personalised.