We're often asked if our wall stickers are easy to apply, plain and simple the answer is yes! As we use a very good high quality sign vinyl during the manufacture of our wall stickers they can take a bit of stick before they're ruined so your safe in the knowledge that your buying a quality product when you make a purchase from My Wall Stickers.

The material that we use to make your stickers from is similar to a sticky back plastic type material and is available in many great colours, you can make your colour selection easily on-line and then the rest is up to us! With every wall art sticker order we supply a good quality squeegee and a simple set of plain English instructions that have been created by us.

A quick guide to installing your new wall sticker:

Tools required - Scissors, making tape & squeegee (supplied)

1. We ship our stickers in sturdy postal tubes so the first thing to do is carefully remove your stickers from the tube paying close attention to the staples in the end of the tube holding the lid in place. Remove the staples with a pair of tweezers or similar.

2. Upon removing the stickers from the tube lay them out flat on a table or clean floor. As we have to roll up the stickers in order to transit them to you you may have to use the supplied squeegee to flatten the sticker out to prevent it from curling. Making sure the sticker is flat in the first instance will make application a lot easier.

3. Once you've decided the position or location where your new wall sticker is to be applied give the area a quick clean or wipe making sure there's no dirt or debris on the surface that may effect the adhesive on the rear of the sticker. You want the surface to be as clean as possible as any imperfections on the surface will show through on the sticker one it's applied to the wall so it's important to make sure the wall is clean to begin with.

4. Now that your stickers are laid out flat and your wall is clean you can now think about applying your wall sticker. If you pay close attention to your purchased art you'll notice that it's made up of three layers. The middle of the layer is the actual sticker itself, the top (similar to masking tape) is called the application tape and simply holds all of the separate parts of the design together and aids in the actual installation of the sticker. The bottom layer is called the backing paper and is removed during application and discarded.

Starting to apply....Don't forget FULL pictogram instructions are supplied with every order!

Break away a couple of pieces of making tape around 3 to 6 inches in length and put them on the wall close to where your going to be installing your wall stickers. Put the wall sticker on the wall where you want it and tape to the wall using the masking tape fastening at either end left and right. Doing this enables a 'dry fit' and gives you visually a good idea of positioning on the wall and enables you to get the design straight before you apply it. You can use a ruler or tape measure to make sure your the design is level on the wall measuring from the skirting board or similar. Don't use a spirit level to position the sticker as it's only as straight as your hand holding it!

5. Now at this stage you should have the design on the wall in the area you want it and sitting level on the wall, now you're ready to adhere the sticker to the wall....

Having in mind your thoughts from reading the enclosed instructions apply a centre hinge across the wall sticker at either a vertical or horizontal location depending on the shape of the design, use whatever you're comfortable with. This hinge will run the whole length of the sticker and running onto the wall by at least 6 to 8 inches. Having a good hinge will make sure your wall sticker stays on the wall well during the application process.

6. Now that you're ready to apply one side of the sticker (get scissors and squeegee close to hand) carefully squeegee the top (masking tape) part of the sticker, this will make sure the sticker will come away from the backing sheet when you go to apply it. Now lift up on of the sides and begin to remove the sticker from the backing sheet thus revealing the sticky side of the graphic. Once you've removed enough of the backing paper and you're down to the hinge use your scissors to cut away the backing paper. Holding the graphic in one hand at a 45 degree angle with the adhesive exposed use your squeegee to lay down the sticker on the wall. Use firm controlled overlapping motions applying pressure to the sticker bonding it to the wall.

7. By this stage you should have half of the design stuck to the wall. You can remove the centre hinge from the wall as the applied part of the sticker will act as the hinge when you start to apply the 2nd half of the design. Again lift the un-applied part of the sticker up and remove the waxy backing paper exposing the sticky side of the graphic. One all of the backing paper is removed you can then lay it down on the wall using the squeegee applying the design using overlapping strokes as mentioned in step 6. Squeegee the whole graphic down on the wall until it's completely applied.

8. Now all of the sticker is on the wall breathe a sigh of relief and start to remove the application tape which will in-turn reveal your new wall sticker design complete on your wall. Carefully peel back the making tape type material away from the wall, peel in such a fashion that it's at 180 degrees upon itself thus reducing the pulling effect on the vinyl that's just been freshly stuck to the wall. Do this part SLOWLY as the sticker may be inclined to come away off the wall, if this does happen use your finger to pin it to the wall using a gentle rubbing motion. As soon as all the application tape is removed you should now be able to admire your new wall sticker!

Tip: Adding a little heat to the sticker after it's been applied will enable the vinyl to sink into the texture of the wall giving a painted like effect, you'll be amazed at the overall effect of the finished design of you do this. Use a hair dryer or heat gun on a low setting as you don't want to burn your new sticker simply coax it into the natural recess of the wall.

We hope you enjoy your wall stickers for many years to come as they will last for a long time and can be removed with ease by using heat to 'awaken' the adhesive and then it's just a case of simply peeling the sticker from the wall and using a little alcohol solution if there's any glue left on the wall depending on how long the sticker has been on the wall.

Enjoy your stickers!