With the recent popularity of our House Rules, Life Rules and even Playroom Rules wall quote stickers, we've seized the opportunity to add another stylish design to the website today to celebrate the love of a family and it's purpose in life; our “In This House” graphic. Wall letter stickers that are big and bold will surely make a positive statement within your home. Firstly they'll look pretty cool as a decoration piece but more importantly will re-iterate your values from the past through to the present.

Using our In This House decal as an example, this design is similar to many other vertical styled quotes but is more of a light-hearted look upon the views of a modern family. It provides an honest, down-to-earth statement that can be applied on any wall in your home and in any room from the bedroom, kitchen, living room to the hallway. Looking at the sticker in detail, you'll notice that a lot of attention is focused on the word 'We'. “We as a family”, “we are real”, are some of the phrases written into this creative transfer.

Using such words will make a family feel united when glancing at the sticker and will provide a positive feeling of well-being for years to come. Sized at a generous 110cm tall by 60cm wide, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to install this piece of wall art. A professional result can be achieved by anybody of any age, due to the easy instructions we supply with every order. Briefly, to install this motif you'd simply use making tape and the squeegee tool supplied. Position the sticker on your wall and use the making tape to create a hinge enabling you to apply the design in two easy to manage pieces, why not order yourself one and give it a go?