Tired of looking at the same designs on many, many websites?

We've found that a few of our new and existing clients are telling us of their bad experiences with cheap printed wall stickers so we thought a news topic is in order.

Wall stickers can be made from a few pence going up to several pounds. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you that our wall stickers are somewhere in the higher end bracket and are in no way a lesser quality product as we build our business based on reputation.

You may have noticed on your web surfing travels that a lot of the sticker retailers actually sell the same designs and use the same product pictures on their website. This is down to the fact that very low cost and low quality wall stickers can now be directly imported from China and then sold on for profit.

Why should we be writing about this you may ask? Well, we pride ourselves on the utmost customer service and quality of product and work so hard at creating unique wall stickers. This is what makes My Wall Stickers different from the rest, our ability to provide quirky unique designs for wall stickers and wall decals that you won't be able to find anywhere else on the internet. We thought we'd expose the grey area's of our industry.

Look at this site link below. It's a link to a popular China trading website where everything from watches to iPod can be purchased. It's for the wholesale of wall stickers that are mass produced. The price in GBP is clearly available to see:

Seen these designs elsewhere? Look at a few of our competitors retailing these for £20 - £30!

Looking at this we had to make a purchase to find out what the quality would be like. Upon receipt (two weeks later) we were not surprised to find out that the stickers were of a really cheap self adhesive film, similar to bubblegum stickers with a thick white contour around the actual design. There's no way that we'd ever consider retailing these stickers. All of our products are a) designed by us, b) manufactured by us and c) shipped by us.

Take a look at some of the other wall stickers on that site and you'll be amazed at the pricing and the artwork that is being used as product imagery on many of the UK wall sticker stores. We're in no way being defamatory as what may appear cheap to us may be perfect to others but in our experience it's always best to buy from an independent source like My Wall Stickers where customer service is king and quality of product is keen.