Turning a house into a home is always an evolving task for many home-owners, and a task that is often enjoyed as there are so many decorative products on the market today that you can style your home with. Obviously a modern popular choice is the use of self adhesive vinyl wall graphics and you can clearly see from the products available within our store that the range of designs is overwhelming.

A new addition to our collection today is our Home Sweet Home sticker, this is a large piece that can be used to creatively style a hallway, lounge, bedroom or even a landing. Some of our customers have often mentioned they prefer their vinyl wall art to be large and striking making a statement and this particular graphic certainly provides unique presence on your wall, coming in at 85cm tall by 130cm wide!

When designing this quote sticker we used a combination popular traditional fonts creating a visually pleasing style that can be used to accompany any existing decoration theme that may be in your home. Also another feature of our decals is that you can order in any one of our great matt finish colours. Using a matt coloured vinyl creates such a pleasing look, that of a hand painted mural on your wall, you'll love the end result and you'll be choosing more wall art for your home that's for sure!