Long gone are the days when to totally change the look of a room via painting you'd have to spend hours moving all of the furniture around, laying dust sheets, masking off areas and removing curtains, wiping down walls, the list is endless. All of this seems a bit tedious and can take hours if not days to complete just to prepare a room for decoration! Once all of the preparation has been carried out you're probably saying to yourself “I wish I didn't start this!”

So the room is ready for painting or wallpapering and if you haven't already purchased your tins of paint, paintbrushes, sealants, cloths, cleaners, tapes and trays now is the time to get changed out of your Sunday best and put on your overly baggy shirt and 15 year old jeans as painting and decorating is a very messy affair and take a trip to your local hardware store. Does all this sound a bit of a drag? Perhaps this is where some of the offerings from My Wall Stickers may make your life a bit easier and certainly more pleasing to the eye. Our wall stickers are supplied in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and can be applied in minutes to any smooth and flat surface in your home and require no preparation in order to get the look you want in a time frame that suits you. Adding our decorative marking pieces to your home is also a very cost effective way to stylise your surroundings, may of our stickers are under £20 and when compared to equipping yourself with paints and brushes and all of the other paraphernalia that go hand in hand with traditional decorating you'll be saving yourself quite a bit cash that can be put toward other expenses.

With traditional painting as mentioned above there's a vast amount of mess and time spent clearing up after a decorating session, cleaning paint off clothes and brushes is a timely affair and we've all seen the state of the kitchen sink at the end of a long day's painting! By using our decorative wall stickers you won't encounter any mess when installing on the wall and you'll even have a fun time in finding the best position for your new transfer. Our decals simply have a sticky backing that you peel from the sheet, apply to the wall and smooth over with the supplied squeegee, simple. Our wall stickers will look great on your wall for as long as you want them to and can be removed very easily by applying a little heat from a hair-dryer and gently peeling away from the wall, once removed you'll never know it was on the wall! So say goodbye to the old school way of changing the appearance of a room and welcome with open arms our trendy quick install wall art stickers, with so many different designs available to suit all tastes you'll be wondering why you didn't go down this route of modern decorating much sooner.