With the lighter evenings fast approaching now is the time to say goodbye to winter and start looking forward to spending more time outside. Although the weather is not quite warm enough to fully enjoy any long lasting outdoor activities you can start to plan ahead and venture out from indoors.

Our range of sports wall stickers are a great choice to entice anybody from being indoors and remind them of the fun that can be had outside. We've recently added a new 'cricket batsman' design to the range; ok it's not everybody’s cup of tea but we're sure there’s a few devoted sports fans out there who would love to have this artistic silhouette decal on placed on their wall.

Sports wall decals can cover a multitude of past-times including football, skateboarding, dancing and golf to name but a few. We even have a great range of extreme sports graphics on offer that are very popular for the decoration of children's bedrooms and similar themed areas.

Suitable for all ages

From tots to toddlers, kids and teenagers right through to adults, there's no limit to the age group or gender who can appreciate our stylish adhesive offerings! With sports and activities on the mind this spring, physical activity can be fun and it's also a really good way to burn any unwanted calories, in turn getting a bit of fresh air at the same time.

Silhouettes of your favourite outdoor activity

Mostly our designs are made up of a single pattern that mimics a silhouette effect. This is great for breaking up a large wall or filling that space in your home that just needs something added to compliment the rest of your furnishings. For bedrooms and living rooms, as mentioned, one of the most popular styles of wall art can be our sports decals.

Designs of all sizes

Small or large areas can quickly be decorated as we offer graphics in varying sizes to suit a range of walls. Giant wall stickers can quickly be installed to add impact to a room that needs a more striking visual appeal. Another popular way of injecting colour and artistic flair within a home is to use a plethora of smaller decals that make up a larger mural type effect. This is the beauty of our wall art stickers, the versatility is outstanding and given the fact our stickers are so easy to install and remove they've proven to be more popular than ever as a modern decorating technique.

So, to recap. With the lights and hopefully warmer weeks and months on their way, be sure to make a little more time for the outdoors, you'll feel better for it! When you can't make it outdoors for whatever reason, then our brilliant vinyl stickers will be sure to impress.