For any who may have an area in their home that is the centre of console gaming then we may have the ideal wall art sticker for you. We've added the Game Zone design to the website today and we feel it'll be a massive hit with the young and old alike who love to play their Playstation, Xbox or similar often. This wall decal can go firmly on any wall in your home where all of the virtual fun is taking place. With the advent console gaming in recent years there's a lot of games on the market today designed for all ages from nursery right up to adult so we feel this wall graphic is a universal piece that will look great slapped on a suitable smooth surface and will last for years once applied.

You can stick the transfer to the wall straight or have some creative fun and apply it at a slight angle, it depends on the current décor of the room as a whole and the size of the sticker is a generous 130cm in length by 45cm in height, it's quite a wall filler!

Even the letters within the wording of this transfer look like the buttons on a game controller so the look as a whole is very modern and will accompany a games room or any cool space in your home that is designed for fun! This sticker will look great in children's bedrooms and will also look great on a wall in a bachelor pad, the choice is yours.