A new sticker set added to our store today is our butterfly frosted window film stickers. Frosted window film is a great way to add a bit of style to your plain windows as the design can look like its been literally etched into the glass but like all our other wall art stickers they're completely removable at any time in their lifespan without marking the glass or leaving any residue behind. The frosted film is semi transparent which still lets in the natural light but creates a silhouette type effect on the glass and can really make a massive difference when combined with your existing home decoration.

These window stickers can be added internally on any glass or mirrors in your home and look particularity effective within the bathroom or a child's bedroom. Sold as a pack of 4 small and large decals you'll be able to arrange them on the glass in whatever position you think looks best. The application of the frosted sticker is the same as our standard wall stickers, simply clean the area where the sticker is to be applied and peel away the backing paper from the sticker and smooth over with the supplied hard edge squeegee pushing out the air and adhering the sticker to the glass as you go.

Depending on the popularity of this product we'll be adding more of the frosted etch stickers to the website as we have a few funky designs in-line to be added to our on-line store so keep checking back to see our hot new wall and window stickers.