animal wall stickersWhether you want to recapture memories from your recent African safari vacation or create a cozy welcome for your new bundle of joy, animal wall stickers offer an ideal decorating option for any room in your home.

Instant Animal Magnetism

Animal wall stickers are a versatile and easy method for adding instant visual appeal to walls, around furniture, door frames, shelves and fixtures. They're also very easy to install taking just a few moments. When you tire of them and decide to swap them out, wall stickers can be removed just as easily, leaving no unsightly blemishes or messy residue on your walls.

Children'€™s Critters

Are you an expectant parent and deciding on a perfect nursery theme for your new little one? There are several possibilities, all of which will be charming, warm and welcoming for your baby. Choose pairs of several creatures that you fancy, from tigers and pandas to elephants and giraffes, for a Noah'€™s Ark theme. Alternately, every child adores teddy bears, bunnies and koala bears, and the appeal is timeless.

As your child transforms from infant to toddler to teen and you redecorate his or her bedroom, choose animals that fit the personality. A group of horses running along a wall are perfect for your young equestrian, and what better way to trim your little princess'€™s walls than with a flock of flitting butterflies?

Bringing the Outside Animal Kingdom In

A scenic display embellished with animal wall stickers adds dramatic color and vibrancy to the room. Any wall in the home can serve as a palette for animal scenery and decorating themes are plentiful.

  • Bring back the thrill of your recent African vacation by recreating the appearance of the safari, complete with lions, tigers and zebras.
  • Transform your sunroom into a tropical destination by displaying tropical birds, flamingos and colorful lizards.
  • A guest room becomes a soothing seaside retreat with a coral reef's aquatic life.
  • Create a calming effect in the bathroom by displaying graceful dolphins and serene koi.

Allow your choices to say something about you. If you love cats, for example, consider a grouping of cat silhouettes in various poses of play and rest arranged around the furniture and fixtures of the room. A fondness for a particular breed of dog may indicate that a silhouette of that breed on a wall of your entryway will provide a fitting welcome to your home.

There are many animal wall sticker designs to choose from to compliment any decorating style. Bring the visual appeal of a bland wall to new heights with an engaging focal point that will attract attention and elicit compliments from all who enter the room.